Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.— B.F. Skinner, 1964

De Proeffabriek - DPF

DPF is a consultancy for responsible innovation, registered as an SME in The Netherlands. We support knowledge-intensive organisations in addressing societal challenges surrounding emerging technologies such as bio- and nanotechnologies.

Research and consultancy

We develop new approaches to address societal challenges in research and innovation. We involve knowledge users - policy makers, citizens and industry - in early stages of research, so that ethical and societal considerations are taken into account already during the design phase.

Training and education

We provide training and education in the area of technology assessment, ethics and social entrepreneurship.

Project proposals

We offer researchers support with writing and managing project proposals, and operate as partner in various EU projects. Our efforts focus on the alignment of the proposal with its societal context.

Workshops and lectures

We regularly give lectures and moderate workshops.


We write articles for academic journals and the popular press, as part of a project or on our own initiative. 

DPF is a partner in the EU project NanoDiode, establishing a coordinated programme for outreach and dialogue to support the responsible development of nanotechnologies in EuropeNanoDiode

The Genetics Clinic of the Future

DPF is involved in the Genetic Clinic of the Future. This project maps the challenges surrounding clinical implementation of next-generation genome sequencing

Opening up the lab

The book Early engagement and new technologies: Opening up the laboratory explores the main approaches to early engagement with new technologies.